Why must the device be calibrated?



Why must the device be calibrated?

Why calibrate the device?

The device has been used for a long time and underwent many effects of temperature changes, the performance of the device will gradually decrease, this is called a drift.

Accordingly, the measurement results become no longer reliable and production quality is affected.

Drift (Drift) cannot be eliminated, but it can be detected through calibration.

Calibration ensures that measurements are accurate and within the required specification limits of process equipment

The importance of calibrated measuring devices:

- Ensure the measurement display of a measuring device in accordance with other measurements,

- Determine the measurement uncertainty of measuring device,

- Establish reliability of measuring devices.

When to calibrate

Due to the deviation, all devices need to calibrate at fixed intervals.
The frequency they are calibrated depends on a number of factors. First of all, the device manufacturer will provide a reference calibration period. This time period can be shortened if the device is used in an important process or application. Quality standards can also determine how often a pressure or temperature sensor needs calibration.

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