The need for clean rooms



The need for clean rooms

Clean rooms have become an indispensable part for factories in developed countries. In Vietnam, this is a new concept, but there are many factories to build clean rooms to meet strict standards of products of business partners in European and American markets ...

In the next few years, clean rooms will be a mandatory construction code for many factories, hospitals ... to ensure a safe production environment for consumers, and to ensure safety for patient.

Where is the clean room used:

Clean rooms are often used in the following areas:

- Pharmaceuticals: Clean room ensures a sterile environment for the production of medicines and medical equipment, ensuring that these products are well preserved and do not cause complications for busy people due to infection problems when used. use.

- Food: The unclean environment in production can affect food, especially perishable products such as milk and confectionery, thus leading to degraded products, causing danger to people. use, reduce the reputation of the company. Clean rooms minimize the bacteria produced in the production process, making food better preserved.

- Cosmetics: Cosmetics are susceptible to damage due to high levels of bacteria that destroy components in them. This will make the product quickly damaged during storage, which can cause allergies, skin damage, and hair loss. Clean rooms minimize the bacteria produced in the production process, making cosmetics better preserved.

- Semiconductor electronics: Some electronic devices have strict requirements on accuracy, just a small dust can also destroy boards, electronic chips ... Clean room helps remove dust particles So the accuracy of the product is enhanced.

- Operating room in the hospital: The environment is not completely sterile in the operating room will be a disaster for patients because they will have infections after surgery. A clean and sterile operating room is absolutely essential for all hospitals.

How is the clean room installed?

Clean rooms can be installed for the whole plant, or only a small room is limited to the production line. One factory can have one to a few clean rooms: one for the production area, one for the experimental area, one for the R&D area.

In a hospital, a clean room can be used for operating areas, blood banks ...

In order to install clean rooms, specialists in clean room construction design will calculate based on structure, area, air circulation, pressure ... to have a complete design. After that, they will build clean rooms with specialized materials and equipment for clean rooms with strict requirements in construction to ensure tightness, pressure, standards of dust in the room. .

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